Why Every Luton Van Needs a Tail Lift: A Comprehensive Guide

Why Every Luton Van Needs a Tail Lift A Comprehensive Guide

Also popular as box vans, Luton vans are popular commercial vehicles used for transporting goods, equipment, and furniture. Popular for their distinct design, Luton vans feature an extended overhang above the driver’s cab. While these vans come with significant cargo space, equipping them with a tail lift can greatly boost their efficiency and functionality.

What is a tail lift?

The tail lift is essentially a mechanical device that is permanently fitted to the back of a van or lorry. Tail lifts make it easier to load and unload trucks safely. These are usually pneumatic or hydraulic in operation. However, they can also be mechanical and can be controlled by an operator using an electric relay switch.

It is mounted to the end of a vehicle. The platform is raised or lowered so it is either level with the body of the vehicle or the ground. This makes it easier to unload cargo without the risk of an injury or accident.

What kind of tail lifts are available?

You must be wondering “Can I drive a Luton van with a tail lift”. The answer is yes. However, equipping your van with a tail lift can work wonders for your business. here are the different kinds of tail lifts available and the purpose they serve.

  • Column lifts – These are ideal for smaller vehicles that come with limited ground clearance. The platform is rear-mounted through an H-frame that runs vertically across the body of the vehicle. The lift is the chain linked to a hydraulic power pack while the exterior platform can be opened and closed manually.
  • Cantilever lifts – These are chassis mounted and these fold upwards forming the part of the rear of the vehicle. These are ideal for lifting large loads and are not suited for smaller column lifts. Although the operation time is quite slow, these lifts are completely hydraulic.

Cantilever lifts

Hence, these come with larger lifting capacities in comparison to column lifts.

  • Tuckaway lifts – These lifts feature a split platform that is foldable and is also mounted on a chassis. Unlike the column or cantilever lifts, these do not restrict access to the rear as they require lesser storage space. As the lift is mounted beneath the rear, it is not likely to get damaged. However, they might require more ground clearance.
  • Parallel arm – These lifts assist with lower lifting tasks and are usually used on pickup trucks or the body of service trucks. The parallel arms attach to the sides of the platform which assists with lifting. These usually guide the platform out from the mainframe. The arm features either a single or two hydraulic cylinders. The single variant relies on a cable-pulley mechanism while the two cylinders apply force directly onto the lifting platform.
  • Rail gate – These lifts are similar to column lifts when it comes to their design. However, they support lower lifting capacities. These install indirectly onto the vehicle body and serve as guides for the liftgate platform. The platforms on tailgates are bigger than those of parallel arm lifts and fix at 90 degrees angle from the out rails.
  • Slider -These platforms feature lifting platforms that slide out from beneath the vehicle bed. Slider lift designs support some of the highest lifting capacities of any type of hydraulic lift.

Importance of tail lifts

Lift heavy furniture

If you have a lot of heavy furniture to move around, then loading them into the pick-up lorry could be stressful. This is when having a tail lift can prove to be beneficial. It eliminates the need for a forklift truck. If you have a tail rift, you will not have to hire a forklift for the purpose. This is because the tail lift has the capacity to lift heavy items. this implies that all your heavy furniture would be loaded into the truck effortlessly with the help of a tail lift.

Lift heavy furniture

Having a tail lift would also save you money in such a case. This is because it eliminates the need for manual labor and the risk of injury and damage to your goods. Tail lifts are ideal for loading items in a vehicle at a height.

Health and Safety

There are numerous benefits of using vehicles fitted with tail lifts. For instance, health and safety is a major factor. While transporting goods, using a tail lift takes all the strain and lowers the chances of injury. By using a tail lift, it is possible to extensively reduce manual handling by the driver and any warehouse operatives. Using a remote control to activate the tail lift ensures that everyone can keep their distance.

Avoid damage to goods

By using a tail lift for delivering and collecting goods, the driver can control the package smoothly. By doing so, the items are less likely to be broken or damaged during transit. Tail lifts are invaluable in the transit of fragile or breakable items. the goods will be transferred smoothly from vehicle to ground or vice versa. When no other methods of loading or unloading are available, using a vehicle with a tail lift ensures easy transfer of goods. By cutting down the need to hand carry items on and off a van, the likelihood of damage is greatly reduced.

Speed and efficiency

Loading and unloading with a tail lift not just makes the process safer and easier, but also makes it more efficient. When a process is efficient, it will take a shorter time to complete. For instance, it is not uncommon for a delivery vehicle to arrive at a location to find no unloading equipment or no staff to assist. This usually results in delivery being canceled. Attempting a delivery again will cost both money and time. A less labor-intensive delivery will require less effort and time. Hence, the productivity of those involved in the process will increase.

Versatile cargo management

Versatile cargo management

If you have ever wondered how big is a Luton box van with a tail lift, then here is the answer. Tail lifts are available in various designs: cantilever, hydraulic and other models. This diversity enables Luton vans to accommodate a wide range of cargo sizes and types. Whether it is heavy furniture, kitchen appliances, or anything else, a tail lift allows safe and easy loading regardless of the payload dimensions.


Luton vans are characterized by higher cargo space thereby making it challenging to load and unload the cargo with any assistance of specialized equipment. Tail lifts create a bridge between the van’s cargo area and the ground level thereby ensuring that the goods can be loaded and unloaded in an efficient way. This is the case even while dealing with elevated positions. This accessibility is beneficial while delivering goods to locations that do not have any loading docks.

Cost and time efficiency

Time is money in any commercial sector. Tail lifts streamline the loading and unloading processes saving both time and labor costs. A tail lift allows a single operator to manage the cargo effortlessly thereby reducing the need for additional personnel. It also minimizes the downtime. This efficiency translates into higher productivity and also saves costs over the long term.

Customer satisfaction

Customer satisfaction is of paramount importance for businesses dealing with deliveries. Tail lifts facilitate smoother and more organized deliveries as the items can be loaded and unloaded without any delays or damage. Customers receive their goods in perfect condition and within the agreed timeframe thereby resulting in improved customer relationships and repeat hires.

Compliance with regulations

Several industries adhere to strict health and safety regulations that govern the handling of heavy items. installing a tail lift on a Luton van ensures compliance with such regulations as it lowers the risks associated with manual lifting. Businesses that focus on safety and adhere to regulations are less likely to deal with any legal issues or fines concerning workplace injuries. No matter what category a Luton van with a tail lift, is most importantly safe and offers numerous benefits to the driver.

Improved brand image

Improved brand image

Any business that decides to use tail lifts for their Luton vans reflects their commitment to safety. This in turn results in a positive brand image. It highlights the company’s dedication to offering quality services while valuing the safety and well-being of its employees.


In today’s competitive business landscape, safety, efficiency, and customer satisfaction are of utmost importance. Equipping Luton vans with tail lifts addresses these priorities while lowering injuries, boosting cargo capabilities, and streamlining work operations. Investing in a tail lift pays off in terms of reduced costs, improved brand image, and increased productivity. It is quite evident now that every Luton van benefits greatly from installing a tail lift thereby making it an essential addition for any business looking to optimize their transport operations.

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