Luton Van Dimensions [Expert Explanation]

Luton Van Dimensions

While moving goods for either business purposes or for personal location, opting for the right kind of vehicle can make a lot of difference. Luton vans with tail lifts have gained immense popularity these days owing to their practicality and versatility. Before we delve more into Luton Van Dimensions, it is essential to have a basic idea about what Luton vans are.

What is a Luton van?

Luton van was initially designed to transport dry freight and secure loads. These vans feature a box-shaped body extending over the driver’s cab. The portion of the van’s body resting on the top of the driver’s cab is referred to as Luton or Kick. Regardless of Luton Van Dimensions, modern van designs still retain the original design. These vans are usually preferred by the removals industry due to their high-volume capacity relative to their weight.

You will most likely come across Luton vans while moving house. However, these are ideal for any sort of dry weight. Because of their massive load volume, a Luton van is also referred to as a Luton box van.

Luton Vans with Tail Lift

Luton vans are commercial vehicles designed especially for transporting cargo. These vans feature a distinct box-like body that provides ample space for carrying goods. These become more functional when equipped with a tail lift thereby allowing easier loading and unloading of heavy goods.

Luton vans with tail lifts usually fall in the category of “light commercial vehicles”. These vehicles are designed to carry goods while still being maneuverable through urban and suburban environments. These bridge the gap between smaller vans and larger trucks thereby making them a popular choice for various businesses including delivery services, retailers, and moving companies.

Dimensions of a Luton Box Van with Tail Lift

The dimensions of a Luton van with a tail lift can vary depending on the model and the manufacturer. However, some common standards would give you a rough idea of the size you can expect. A typical Luton van with a tail lift comes with an approximate box length of 4.1 to 4.3 meters. The height of the van varies around 2.2 to 2.4 meters and the width around 2 meters.

Dimensions of a Luton Box Van with Tail Lift

These Luton box van dimensions are apt to include a variety of items including furniture, boxes, equipment, and home appliances. The box structure ensures maximum interior space and efficient utilization of the cargo space provided by the manufacturers. Moreover, there is a provision to include a tail lift which facilitates the loading and unloading of bulky or heavy items.

Weight Considerations

The weight of a Luton van is dependent on various factors. This depends on the van’s model, make and the materials used in the construction. Also, it depends on whether the vehicle is attached to a tail lift or not. On average, the gross weight of a Luton van with a tail lift falls in the range of 3,500 to 5,000 kg. this weight covers the weight of the empty vehicle and the capacity of the tail lift as well as the cargo weight.

It is vital to consider the weight restrictions while loading the van. This ensures equal distribution of the load. Overloading can contribute to decreased maneuverability, increased fuel consumption, and potential safety hazards. Although Luton vans have been designed to handle heavy payloads, it is vital to stick to responsible loading practices. this will ensure a safe and efficient journey.

What are the standard Luton Van dimensions?

Luton vans are available in a wide range of dimensions. They are pretty large and most of the vans are 20 cubic meters or more in size. They have a reasonable payload and are tall and wide. The dimensions of a Luton box vary from one model to another. You will also notice variations in height, length, and width among the 3.5-ton range.

The average external dimensions of a Luton van are mentioned in the table below.

Length 6746 mm
Width 2140 mm
Height 3169 mm

The average internal dimensions of a Luton van are mentioned in the table below

Length 4082 mm
Width 2082 mm
Height 2255 mm

What are the standard Luton Van dimensions

If you are planning to buy or hire a Luton van, you would want to know which would best fit your needs. do not forget to look into the internal dimensions of a Luton box van. The dimensions depend on the donor vehicle. The most popular Luton vans available in the market are the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Luton vans, Iveco Daily Luton, and the Ford Transit Luton. Although each van differs in dimensions, the standard more or less remains the same.

3.5-ton Luton Van

This is the van most often used for medium-sized removals. Several companies still rely on this classic-shaped van as they make an excellent work van. These were designed initially to accommodate a high volume of lighter goods. But now this vehicle is used for a wide range of transportation jobs.

These are often fitted with hydraulic tail lifts which render them incredibly helpful while attempting to shift bulky objects such as large kitchen appliances, furniture, or other industrial or household items. a standard short wheelbase Luton has an internal volume of 600 cubic feet. The 3.5T vehicle is fitted with a 500kg tail lift and has an approximate internal volume of 600 cubic feet. Its overall length is 6.9m and its interior length of 3.2m. Without the tail lift, the length gets reduced by approximately 6.7m.

The vehicles in this group include the Renault Master Luton, Ford Transit Luton, Mercedes Sprinter Luton, VW Crafter Luton, Citroen Relay Luton, and the Peugeot Boxer Luton.

The Luton long wheel base van with tail lift provides you an additional 2-3 feet in length when compared to standard Luton. However, this doesn’t allow for extra weight and cuts down the payload to 1000kg.

7.5-ton Luton van

The 7.5-ton Luton van is the next size from 3.5-ton. It has double the carrying capacity of a 3.5-ton Luton van. With an internal length of 20ft and an internal volume of 1200 cubic feet, this van comes with a tail lift with the ability to lift 1000kg weight. The full vehicle length is 30ft. The height can be well over 2.5m. Overall, you can expect a load volume of about 1200 cubic feet which is around twice the volume of the largest panel van.

7.5-ton Luton van

The Iveco Euro cargo and the DAF LF are the most common large Luton vans. Both of these are trucks. The main benefit of 7.5-ton Luton vans is that there is a greater payload. The bodies of these vans are made from lightweight plastics when compared to the 3.5-ton chassis. It can carry around 3200kg. however, many vans have tail lifts that lower the payload to under 3 tons. A 7.5-ton Luton van is enough to move a two-bedroom house. It can accommodate around 40-50 moving boxes, a couple of beds, two or three sofas, chairs, a dining table, and a few other items.


Luton vans promise practical solutions for transporting goods efficiently. The ample cargo space, unique design and the convenience of using a tail lift make them a popular choice as a commercial vehicle. It is vital to understand the category of the vehicle, dimensions, weight considerations, and driving regulations associated with these vans to make an informed choice while utilizing them for your transportation needs. adhering to the safety guidelines, responsible loading practices and legal requirements will ensure a smooth and successful journey with a Luton van.

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