Luton Van Tail Lifts

Luton Van with Tail Lift is an all-in-one solution designed to help you optimize your business needs. enhance productivity with tail lift features and accessories that would help you increase uptime, minimize risks and deliver precision accuracy. We bring to you the best of the best Luton vans for sale if you have been on the hunt for affordable and efficient Luton Van Tail Lifts.

Leading brands for Luton Van Rental

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HIAB is a leading provider of safe, smart, and sustainable loading solutions. They deliver world-class equipment designed to surpass your performance expectations. Their leading offerings include

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ZEPRO premium tail lifts promise efficiency, safety, and reliable performance. Its accurate and flexible handling ensures smooth and controlled movement of goods during transit.

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DEL tail lifts have been designed with unrivalled technology and construction to help you tackle heavy loads quickly.

Dell Mesh

DEL mesh tail lift for drop sides

DEL tail lifts are designed to manage the demanding operating needs of all lifting jobs regardless of the environment or location. Built to the highest standards, these promise absolute performance and reliability to support distributions and logistics with precision and ease.

DEL DL500 Tail lift

The easy-to-fit DL500 tail fit promises excellent value for money. It is one of the most popular and reliable options you can trust for last-mile deliveries. The benefits include increased payload but with the same strength and rigidity. The platform is torsion assisted with an anti-tilt feature to provide safer handling. The fully galvanized steelwork and premium-grade steel construction ensure a highly durable finish. Your DEL lifts with accessories can effortlessly tackle the most challenging jobs. Using the original tail lift accessories ensures that you deal with the heaviest weights to ensure consistent performance and quality.
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Hinged rear ramps

DEL Hinged Rear Ramps

The rear ramps get permanently secured to the platform. These can be opened to build a ramp from the platform to the group. You can also lock it vertically to function as a trolley stop.

DEL Factory Fitting Kits

There is a comprehensive range of fitting kits available to suit a multitude of factory-built Luton and Dropside bodies. Each kit by the maker has been carefully designed to ensure ease of fitment plus being robust to manage daily operations with much ease.
Factory fitting kits

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