Grab Yours Now: Luton Van Curtain Side for Sale

Grab Yours Now Luton Van Curtain Side for Sale

When moving freight, you can use several pieces of equipment to complete the task. Every track has advantages and disadvantages, whether a dry van, refrigerated truck, or flat deck. However, a Luton curtain side van combines all the benefits you would want in a truck.

The simplicity of a level deck combined with the protection of a dry van is available with a curtain side truck. When delivering your cargo to its destination promptly and safely, using the appropriate shipping equipment is crucial. A Luton van curtain side for sale might be the best option if you want a truck covering all your items.

What do you know about Luton van curtain-side vehicles? In this writeup, we will explore the features of a Luton van, its benefits, and whether it’s worth purchasing a Luton van.

What is a Curtain side van?

A curtain-side van is a drop-side van with a tarp-covered upper structure. Canvas curtain sides include a pull-back feature that makes loading easier. The side curtains are held up vertically and horizontally when closed to create a weather-tight body. When loading and unloading with a forklift or manual load handling, curtain-side vans provide unhindered access from three sides.

What does a Luton van look like?

A Luton van’s peaked front over the driver’s cabin is one of its most recognizable characteristics. The ability to turn this feature into a sleeping area for long-distance trips or to create additional space in the van is quite helpful. On the other hand, a truck with a Luton body is more likely to have that than a van. These are the largest vans available, with a normal base weight of 3.5 tons.

Given that Luton vans are frequently used for transporting big, heavy, and difficult-to-lift objects, it is common that most of them are equipped with a tail lift as standard equipment. When renting a Luton van, select one with the right capabilities for your needs, as tail lifts can have a range of weight-lifting capacities.

The benefit of Luton Curtain Side Van

The benefit of Luton Curtain Side Van

Global product transportation, delivery, and carrying are essential to all business types. Products involving the use of trucks are needed for retail stores, building sites, food industries, and healthcare facilities. In one way or another, the transportation business is always necessary. For this reason, making sure your fleet of trucks and curtain sider vehicles is prepared with optimal efficiency is essential.

According to research, a growing number of trucking companies are beginning to use curtain-sided vans, increasing demand for the Luton van curtain side for sale. They provide the same security as a van and loading flexibility, making them the most popular mode of transportation in Europe. They are, therefore, the best shipping choice for companies of all sizes.

Simple to reach

For delivery throughout towns, a curtain-sided vehicle works best. Even though it’s best to have your truck loaded first, a curtain-sided vehicle can be useful if this still needs to be done. Anything inside the van can be quickly and easily accessed with a curtain-sided truck when only a little cargo is needed to load or unload.

Easy loading and unloading

Loading and unloading are made simple with a curtain-side truck, enabling the items to be moved by a forklift from any location along the truck’s length. This advantage makes it simpler to order the commodities’ placement in terms of importance without being forced to load the cargo in a specific order, which could cause the loading process to lag.


These Luton van curtain sides for sale allow the shipment of various goods that would be impossible with other conventional trailers. Longer doors, lumber, and aerospace and aircraft components fall under this category.

This implies that a Luton van will always be a safe choice for transporting your business’s equipment if you have a lot of it. Likewise, you may rely on a Luton van to assist you in completing the task at hand if you intend to move heavy cargo over great distances (occasional or regular).

Luton Van Curtain Side for Sale – Benefit of Luton Van Leasing

Luton Van Curtain Side for Sale – Benefit of Luton Van Leasing

As noted, the delivery sector frequently uses Luton vans. Their capacity, size, and shape make them the ideal option for anyone wishing to move a lot of bulky, heavy items. The body is large enough to fit appliances, boxes, and office or home furnishings.

As a result, requiring fewer journeys back and forth to have everything transferred to the new place can save a significant amount of time, money, and energy. Additionally, if the furniture is exceptionally large, you won’t need to disassemble it before transportation due to the height shape of this kind of vehicle.

Luton vans are also a great option for individuals who would rather not pay as much for a delivery company and are comfortable moving their own belongings. By renting a Luton van, you can complete the job at your own speed without feeling pressed for time or pressure from the removal company. Additionally, the tail lift ensures that you won’t hurt yourself trying to lift heavy items into the van.

Curtain Side Van Payload

First, curtain sider vans are quite adaptable to securely maintain a heavy load in position thanks to their roomy box body. Additionally, this includes the security and safety of the cargo while it is being transported. Built-in structures on curtain-side vans are intended to enhance the laden consignment’s secure posture. The curtain side vans’ design makes them perfect for this kind of work.

Furthermore, these trucks are dependable for transporting dangerous or more delicate items like chemicals and medications. As an alternative, you can choose half-load logistics for smaller consignments. You can use this procedure if your items can only fit in a portion of the truck.

Why would someone use a tail lift?

Even with skilled movers, moving day may be tiring. Using the appropriate equipment for the job will help your move go more quickly, safely, and smoothly. The mechanized rear lift of the Luton van is just one of its numerous benefits. This is a fantastic tool that can make things go more smoothly for first-time movers.

Why would someone use a tail lift

The tail lift is your go-to tool when transporting appliances like freezers, washing machines, and pianos. Remember that the tail lift can only carry a maximum payload of 500 kg. To avoid harming the rental van and your possessions, do your homework in advance. As you know, professional movers transfer items to and from vans using a tail lift. You can move like a pro and save money with a Lamborghini van with a mechanized tail lift.

Utilizing this tool correctly and carefully will help you save energy on moving days and lower your chance of getting hurt when lifting heavy items onto the deck. Using a tail lift during a move with friends can make things go a lot more easily and save you a significant amount of time, not to mention back strain.

Is buying a Luton Van worth it?

Looking for a Luton Van curtain side for sale might be a better option than leasing. Given the state of the economy, it’s natural to wonder if starting your own business or making a big purchase is worthwhile. Putting things off until later, when there is so much uncertainty, can be tempting.

But while making this choice, all you need to ask yourself is, “Do I need a Luton van curtain side for sale?” If you decide to launch your own company, expand it, or take on new projects, why restrict yourself?

Given the state of the economy, you might find a greater need for moving or removal services, even if all involved is taking undesirable goods from someone’s house and delivering them to a new residence or recycling facility. You’ll discover you have a business and the chance to establish your reputation.


How much space is in a Luton Van’s interior?

A Luton van’s interior dimensions vary based on the model. A typical Luton can carry between 0.8 and 1.2 tons of cargo. The Mercedes Sprinter is one of the most popular Luton vans with a one ton carrying capacity. These vehicles’ typical load length, width, and height will be 4 meters, with a height of around 2 meters. A Luton van should be large enough to move houses.

What is a Luton van’s maximum weight capacity?

A Luton van can carry 0.8 to 1.2 tons, depending on the model and manufacturer. The vehicle’s gross weight, comprising the weight of the cargo being transported, cannot exceed 3.5 tons. When transporting goods that weigh more than 1.2 tons, use an HGV truck.

To sum up

As we wrap up this article, we’ve learned a lot about Luton van curtain side for sale. Knowing these adaptable commercial vehicles have something to offer is important. Luton vans are still redefining efficiency and dependability in many different industries thanks to their unique design, strong features, and customizable possibilities. The flexibility of these vehicles changes in tandem with the demands of enterprises.

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