Luton Box Van for Sale: Complete Guide to What You Need to Know

Luton Box Van for Sale Complete Guide to What You Need to Know

Large vans, sometimes called box vans or Luton vans, have recently become common. Anyone hearing the term “Luton Van” might think otherwise. Nevertheless, the name is derived from where it was initially manufactured: a factory in Bedfordshire, Luton. Because of their size and payload, most delivery firms, clearing services, and other businesses frequently use them.

If you are also contemplating getting one, you might have considered a Luton box van for sale in your area. The front of the Luton van has a defining feature that offers adequate storage, allowing you to extend the driver’s compartment. In addition, it has an integrated tail lift, making unloading and loading easier.

In this article, you will learn more about the different vans, Luton van dimensions, the benefits of leasing a Luton van, and the volume load of a Luton van. Get yourself ready as we provide the necessary information to help you when searching for a Luton box van for sale.

Type of Vans

Choosing the proper van model is almost impossible because so many models are available. Each van is designed for its particular purpose. Therefore, we will explore the different vans to better understand what you need.

Flatbed vans

If you don’t know what a flatbed van looks like, the description below should provide a clearer picture. A flatbed’s cargo compartment is open, has shallow sides, and lacks a roof. A flatbed van becomes a “tipper” van if a hydraulic mechanism is chosen to raise and “tip” the load area.

Flatbeds are ideal if you’re searching for a van with no height constraints, but there are better options if you intend to keep your belongings safe. Some flatbed vans also have drop sides to facilitate loading. Generally utilized in the construction or gardening industries, flatbeds are excellent for large, heavy objects.

Luton and box vans

Luton and box vans

Luton and box vans are worth considering if you’re searching for a vehicle that maximizes storage because, in contrast to panel vans, they don’t sacrifice space for wheel arches. Since they are elevated above the ground compared to panel vans, for example, they may additionally feature a loading platform that can be raised or lowered.

A Luton and a box van differ primarily in that a Luton uses the space above the driver and passenger cabin. Consider this if you are looking for a Luton box van for sale. On the other hand, a box van’s cargo space ends where the cab starts. Removals involving the transportation of bulky, heavy things are common uses.

Panel vans

These vans are among the most recognizable on the road today because of their adaptable and useful load capacity, typically accessed by rear and sliding-opening doors. The van’s windows are restricted to the drivers, passengers, and windscreen; the remaining panels are solid. A typical panel van is the ever-popular Ford Transit.

There is a panel van that will work for you, no matter how you use your van for business. Manufacturers often provide panel vans in a variety of wheelbases and heights.


There are many unique designs for pickups and several possibilities for single or double cabs. Additionally, you can decide whether to expose the cargo space (like a flatbed-style van but with taller sides) or cover all sides with a roof. Pickups have many uses, and because of their adaptable design, you ought to be able to discover one that precisely suits your requirements.

Understanding Luton Van

If you’ve ever attempted to hire a seasoned man and van in London, you most likely had to choose the vehicle your knowledgeable mover would use to carry your belongings. You can have a Luton van or a short, medium, or long-wheelbase vehicle.

Understanding Luton Van

The Luton van’s extended wheelbase provides extra stability and storage, particularly helpful when moving bulky furniture and building supplies. The latter is the most distinctive of the four, both in terms of its name and unique appearance. Its body has a typical boxy and squary shape. The van:

  • Provides extra loading space
  • Has become this vehicle’s trademark
  • It has been conserved for decades
  • Increases payload capacity, making it excellent for transporting dry freight or large products.

Luton Van Volume Load

Though they are the most popular choice for moving houses and removal businesses, the Luton van is an extremely adaptable vehicle for secure loading and dry freight. It has a large cargo volume and weighs less than 3.5 tons when fully loaded, making it one of the largest vehicles you can drive with a basic UK driver’s license.

For an even easier time loading larger items, such as sofas or beds, you should hire a Luton van with a tail lift or a Luton van for sale – it makes heavy lifting much more manageable, allowing you to save money by hiring fewer people, which is ideal if you are starting your own haulage company. If you already have a Luton, consider installing a tail lift!

Luton Van Dimension

A 7.5-ton van and a 3.5-ton Luton van are comparable in size. The main distinction is its reduced weight-carrying capacity.

A huge Luton has an incredibly massive body. The largest panel vans are usually 17m3 to up to 20m3. However, you will receive 25–28 m3 in a Luton van, constructed on a chassis cab with a box body of lightweight panels. It is comparable to a Luton truck in terms of volume but heavier. A 3.5-ton Luton’s payload allowance is significantly less, about 1200 kg.

Luton vans with 3.5 tons are a better fit for transferring heavy but light objects. Consider them as movers of wardrobes. Because of its proportions, a 3.5-ton Luton van can handle almost anything, but you’re generally more likely to move stuff out of a house and into a flat.

Luton Van Dimension

The load area should be 2.2 meters in height and 5 meters in length. A tail lift might exist, or it might not. Though they will be even less capable of carrying weight, Luton vans with tail lifts are more useful.

Luton vans: Loading and Unloading

Luton vans are equipped to handle all the loading and unloading work. While larger things can be slid in or out using a ramp, you can access your cargo by stepping directly up into the loading area of a low-loader box van.

A tail lift is a common feature of new Luton vans, making it simple to raise and lower the lift to load or unload bulkier, more delicate products. This keeps your back safe by avoiding the risk of harm from having to heave large objects in and out of your back.

Whether it’s a new or old Luton box van for sale, it can transport a lot of freight when it comes to delivering your items to their destination because of its roomy interior. A dining room set, a few couches, mattresses, and more may all fit into the larger 7.5-ton models, which can also fit inside 40–50 boxes. Moving all you require in a single trip rather than several will be feasible.

Luton Box Van for Sale vs. Hiring A Luton Van

If you are considering buying a Luton box van for sale or hire, the rental cost is as low as £60 per day. This is incredibly reasonable when you compare the price to what delivery businesses and services typically charge. With a moving distance of only 15 miles, the average cost for a 3-bedroom house move is approximately £800. You can reduce the number of journeys you make back and forth and save money by renting a self-drive Luton van.

Luton box van for sale: Panel vs Luton

You can also have your eye on several panel vans if you’re looking for a larger vehicle. Even though these vans are excellent for hauling goods, the best choice truly depends on why you need a van in the first place. Purchasing a van is a long-term investment, so you shouldn’t make this choice hastily.

Luton box van for sale Panel vs Luton

The extra space a Luton van offers due to the overhanging portion above the cab—also referred to as the “Luton peak” or the “Luton box”—makes up for panel vans’ smaller size and marginally easier wind resistance.

Nonetheless, certain Luton vans have been enhanced with design components to facilitate the management of the aerodynamic elements. Long-distance driving is another wonderful use for them, so you don’t have to compromise between baggage capacity and driving range.

Most leading manufacturers make Luton vans, the size of which varies depending on the use of the truck. The Renault Master Luton van will be far more useful if you require an enclosed load room, while the Nissan Interstar (NV400) Tipper is excellent for work in construction when you need assistance with loading and unloading.


Luton vans, often known as Luton box vans, are always vehicles on the road, particularly in the logistics and van-moving industries. Their inside dimensions are often tailored to optimize space while maintaining vehicle control on urban roadways. Buying a Luton box van for sale might be a better option if you will have future use for it. Nevertheless, you might opt for a Luton van if you want to transport items once.

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