Luton tail lift brands available in the UK

Luton tail lift brands available in the UK

A mechanical tool called a van tail lift is permanently mounted on the back of a work vehicle, van, or truck. Tail lifts make it easier to handle goods from the ground or a loading area to the truck bed level or the other way around. The Luton tail lift van is arguably the most popular option, but they are available for a wide range of vehicles, from ordinary vans to articulated lorries.

A Luton van is commonly seen when people move, but it can carry any dry item. The Luton van, widely called a box van, has a large load volume. They have a peaked front. Most people also refer to these vans as Luton Peak vans for this reason.

The peak front serves as an extra space to increase storage. Alternatively, Luton box trucks have been known to have their front part transformed into a relaxing space for distant travel.

Are there Luton tail lift vans?

A lot of Luton vans typically comes with tail lift installed, which is common. Big, bulky, and massive objects are typically put in a Luton. Imagine attempting to lift a cabinet hooked on a van, where there is a somewhat steep step. Most Luton vans are equipped with a tail lift, which makes loading easier.

There are numerous weight lifting dimensions available for a tail lift. Although they can typically raise most household objects, it’s best to check van capacity. Just take caution. It’s risky to work at heights. It’s not funny to fall off a Luton tail lift.

Features of a Luton Van with Lift

  • Cabs are cozy, and a large windscreen offers a superb view of the road in front of you.
  • Although having someone beside you who can direct you when reversing up is always helpful, large wing mirrors make it easy for drivers to see behind them.
  • It can be operated with a regular UK driver’s license.
  • A Luton normally weighs 3.5 tonnes, has a 2.2-liter engine, a hauling capability of 800 kg or less, and is 6.7 meters long.

Why hire a Luton tail lift van?

Why hire a Luton tail lift van

For commercial Purpose

Luton vans are renowned for their maneuverability as a medium-range hauling and removal vehicle. It is perfect for transporting bulky objects like construction supplies or cases of ceramic tile. Using the tail lift decreases the number of people required for loading and unloading and facilitates heavy lifting. Renting a Luton is preferable to incurring a significant debt to purchase one altogether if your light haulage company is just getting off the ground.

For local use

Due to their ideal size for moving homes and the fact that anyone can drive it with only a basic driving license, Luton vans are highly popular. The quantity of heavy lifting necessary for a house move is greatly reduced when a custom tail lift is used. Based on the height of the Luton van, large home objects may be simply disassembled, saving time for both sides.

What measurements does a Luton van have?

There are different sizes available for Luton vehicles. However, the donor vehicle will determine a Luton van’s size. The Ford Transit Luton, Iveco Daily Luton, and Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Luton vans are some of the most well-liked Luton vans. In this case, it is common to see a Ford Luton van with tail lift.

Understanding the Dimension of Luton Van

You can liken the 3.5-tonne truck to have identical size with the 7.5-tonne van. Nevertheless, the primary distinction is the less weight it support. A huge Luton has an incredibly massive body. Usually, the biggest panel vans range from 17 to 20 meters. However, a Luton van, constructed on a cab that has a box form composed of thin panels, will give you 25 to 28 m3. That’s a substantial space, comparable to a Luton van. However, the weight is different. A 3.5-tonne Luton’s payload allowance is significantly less, likely around 1200kg.

Understanding the Dimension of Luton Van

Because of this, 3.5-ton Luton vans are better suited to hauling heavy but large objects. Consider them wardrobe movers. Due to its size, a Luton van can transport a wide variety of stuff, although you’re definitely talking about packing up most of the contents of a flat instead of a house. The load region should be approximately 5 metre long and 2.2 metre high. A tail lift might or might not be present. Although more useful, ford Luton van tail lift vans can carry a smaller weight.

Luton Van – The Need for Movers

The day of your move is drawing near, but you still need to arrange your transportation. You need to hire a reliable van to carry large items, but you also don’t want to get hit with unexpected fees. Nationwide Vehicle Rentals is the best option for individuals seeking a top-notch Luton Van hire service. They aim to make moving day go as smoothly as possible.

Great for moving house

Your life seems to be centered around containers and packing tape when you move house, and most individuals dread that their possessions will be damaged during the move, making it one of the most anxious times you’ll ever have. Moving firms could arrive behind schedule on a moving day or handle your priceless possessions carelessly, increasing your stress levels. Lease a box van to move your possessions if you’re looking for peace of mind; the process is straightforward, and there are no additional fees when you return the van.

The most effective means of moving large items

A 3.5-tonne van rental may be your only choice if you move large objects like computer equipment for the workplace or living room furniture. These heavy-duty vehicles are designed primarily to move large objects while keeping them secure. Have you looked into any Luton van with tail lift hire services if you want to make the process simpler? As the vans’ hydraulic tail lifts do all of the laborious lifting for you, you’re less likely to hurt yourself while loading and unloading.

The mode of transportation with the highest efficiency

The mode of transportation with the highest efficiency

When carrying products, time is of the essence. Thus, the last thing you want to do is travel back and forth between destinations while having items hanging out of your car’s boot. The most effective option is to rent a van because there is much more space for products and stuff, preventing additional excursions. The best part is that our vans are less likely to be harmed by any large or oddly shaped things because of their durability.

Renting a tail lift-equipped Luton van

You are at the right place if you’re thinking about leasing a Luton van UK with a tail lift. As part of our van leasing package, we can assist you in selecting the ideal vehicle for your requirements and then set up to have a ford Luton tail lift put on that vehicle. Additionally, as the installation is completed before the delivery, you can start using your new tail lift van immediately as it is delivered to you.

A Luton van can be rented for anywhere from £25 for a quick 2-hour period from an inexpensive local firm to £140 for 4 hours from a national provider. A deposit is required for each.

A van rental business is a business much like any other. They decide their costs, rates, add-ons, and minimum hire periods. Call a local supplier and ask; this is the only surefire way to find out how much local Luton van rental will cost you.

You must be more than 25 years old to rent a Luton van. Beginning at 17, you are permitted to operate a Luton van. Nevertheless, most hire businesses demand that you be at least 25 years old if you want to rent a Luton van. This isn’t a stipulation of the hiring company; rather, it’s a requirement of their insurance company, which isn’t very kind about who it will insure.


Can You Move Your Home in A Luton Van?

A Luton Van is large enough to move a house. A small two-bedroom home can be moved in one trip using a van of this size. You can move into your new house with a Luton van as long as it is properly packed, using all available space, and you don’t exceed the weight limit it is made to support. You will likely need a double run or a second vehicle for larger moves.

What is a Luton Van length?

The specifications of a Luton van vary from manufacturer to manufacturer, although the length is normally around 6 meters. The difference between a truck with a conventional box and a specially made aftermarket box, like those made for the moving industry, will also be noticeable. However, here are some samples of factory standard versions so you may get an idea of how long a Luton van is without measuring it end to end.

How Much Fuel Does A Luton Van Consume?

According to the manufacturer and model, an up-to-date Luton van should get 28 to 40 MPG (miles per gallon). In contrast, regardless of what the manufacturer claims, a fully loaded Luton van traveling into a headwind will manage to achieve between 14 and 25 mpg.

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