Efficient Storage Solutions for Luton Vans: Maximizing Space and Organization

Efficient Storage Solutions for Luton Vans Maximizing Space and Organization

A Luton van is a special type of storage van that consists of a single-row driver’s cab up front and a large cargo space in the back. What makes the Luton van different from normal storage vans is the canopy-like structure that comes over the roof of the driver’s cab. The “Luton peak,” as it is called, adds to the overall space that the vehicle has.

Now, while these vehicles are primarily made for storage and transportation, the available space may not be enough for you. In that case, you can try using additional storage solutions for Luton vans. If you don’t know what those are and how to use them, don’t worry. In this post, we’re going to be looking at that in detail.

Let’s jump right in.

Storage Solutions for Luton Vans: Helpful Ideas to Try

1.   Shelves

Adding shelves can be a great way to increase Luton storage.

Normally, the back area has the shape and semblance of a box where you can slide and stack boxes, etc., on the floor. The space on the walls close to the ceiling goes unutilized.

Furthermore, even if there is ample room available, you may be hesitant in storing specific items on the van floor due to them being delicate and fragile.

Now, both of these issues i.e., the wastage of the upper wall space and the unavailability of sensitive storage for delicate items, can be fixed by installing shelves.

If you install shelves on the upper side of the van walls, it will give you room to stow away smaller items along with the larger stuff stacked on the floor. Even if you don’t want to use the shelves for storing any items that you need to transport, you can use them for the normal paraphernalia (like tools, cables, etc.) that you usually keep in the back.

That way, the actual storage space won’t be taken up and you can dedicate that solely to the cargo you need to move.

There are some things that you should keep in mind about installing shelves in your Luton van.


  1. You should make sure that the installation is firm and stable. Propping the shelves against the wall or affixing them loosely can make them something of a hazard rather than a useful storage space.
  2. Make sure to install them sparingly and where needed. If you put a lot of them up, they can act as an obstruction to the existing space instead of helping out. Put them near the ceiling corners.

Benefits of Shelves

To mention them all in one place, here are some of the main benefits of installing shelves in your Luton van:

  • They can provide you with supplementary storage space
  • They don’t take up any space on the floor of the van since they can be just fixed to the walls
  • They allow you to easily store more fragile items without worrying about them getting damaged

Shelves are cheap storage units Luton vans can feature and they are not very expensive. That is another one of their upsides.

2.   Vertical Floor to Ceiling Modules

Let’s move on our list of efficient storage solutions for Luton vans.

Just as shelves are storage spaces that are affixed to the walls, vertical floor to ceiling modules refer to any such storage space that goes right from the floor of the van to the top. They take up more space when installing but they give it right back in the form of more usable storage.

Vertical storage modules can be more suited for your Luton van depending on what your regular needs are.

If you use your van typically for moving large and bulky items that require a lot of broad space in the center of the floor, then installing these types of modules may not be the best idea.

However, if you use your van for general purposes that requires you to store numerous small items in it, like a utility van or as a camping van, installing a vertical storage module can be very helpful.

Vertical Floor to Ceiling Modules

They basically have the same benefits as shelves. The difference is that shelves are somewhat smaller and they leave the space below them unoccupied whereas these types of modules are larger and they affix right down to the floor.

Benefits of Vertical Storage Modules

Here are some of the upsides of installing vertical storage modules in your van.

  • of the upsides of installing vertical storage modules in your vancks to make the most of it all.center of the e floor of the vaThey let you utilize all the vertical space in your van by giving you a longitudinal storage area
  • they can helpyou keep the items They can help you organize your belongings better thanks to the various sections that they are made up of

3.   Hooks

Hooks are perhaps the smallest yet most useful from among the different storage solutions for Luton vans that you can install. They don’t take up a lot of space—perhaps an inch or so—but they can prove to be very helpful.

Usually, there are a lot of items that can be hung or tied to a hook to be easily stored while suspended. For example, if you are using your Luton van to move your belongings from one house to another, you can use to hooks for tying up soft and non-damageable items like bags of clothes, cushions, curtains, and the like.

Even if such items were to move around and get jostled around the walls of the van while moving, it would not cause them any damage. Instead of using the main floor space for items like these, you can use hooks to make the most of it all.

This was just one example, by the way. You can use hooks for a lot of other things as well. You can also them to securely store equipment and general van accessories/paraphernalia, etc.

Benefits of Hooks in Luton Vans

Here are some of the main pros of using hooks in Luton vans:

  • They don’t take up a lot of space for installation
  • They give you a practical and useful option for storing items
  • They can be easily installed and taken off as the need dictates

4.   Straps and cargo nets

Straps and cargo nets aren’t exactly storage spaces in themselves. However, they can help you get the most out of the Luton van’s back storage area.

Straps and cargo nets

Imagine a situation where you have to move a few boxes in the back of the van along with an assortment of loose belongings i.e., some things that are not stored in boxes. In a situation like this, using a strap or a cargo net to secure the boxes firmly in one place and then utilizing the rest of the space for the loose items can be a great idea.

Without the straps or cargo nets harnessing the boxes in place, they would be free to move around and that could cause damage to the other items. Thus, using these harnesses can be a way to make the most out of the storage space and to ensure safety for everything stored in the van.

Benefits of Straps and Cargo Nets

To put it all together, some benefits of using cargo nets and straps are:

  • They help in securing the cargo in your van so that it does bang around and get damaged
  • They help you get the most out of the storage space by holding the bigger objects in place and leaving room for smaller items
  • They can help in stacking large boxes and containers more securely on top of one another

5.   Sliding storage spaces

By “sliding storage spaces,” we basically refer to drawers. They are installed the same way as normal shelves. The drawers are similar except that they are closed off at the end and accessed from the top after being pulled out…which is pretty basic stuff, we know.

In some situations, and for some particular vans, installing sliding storage space can be better. For one, the sliding spaces don’t allow the stored items to fall out easily—which make them great for fragile stuff.

However, they also come with one downside. Accessing and putting items in a sliding storage space can be a bit more difficult as compared to a shelf. In the latter, you can simply put the item in, whereas in the former, you have to slide the thing out and reach over from the top.

All in all, sliding spaces can be a great way to maximize storage in a Luton van. They can be used either along with shelves or just on their own depending on the size of the van as well as your exact requirement.

Benefits of Sliding Storage Spaces

To recap, the main benefits of these storage solutions for Luton vans are:

  • They give you a secure area to put away fragile items
  • They help you keep your belongings organized and sorted
  • They help to hide the visible clutter and make the back of the van look more aesthetic


Using these storage solutions for Luton vans can help you make your trips easier and more efficient. You can store more stuff in the back and get the most out of the vehicle for moving purposes.

The important thing to keep in mind about efficient storage for Luton vans is to understand your requirements and the capacity of your vehicle before installing new modules or units to it. Not everything works the same in all types of vans.

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