Discover Quality and Affordability with Our Low Loader Luton Van for Sale

Discover Quality and Affordability with Our Low Loader Luton Van for Sale

Luton vans are distinguished by their peaked fronts that cover the cabin space. The factory at Luton, Bedfordshire, where the original models were made, is where the name “Luton” originates. The British military employed these box vans extensively during World War Two. They were first produced by the Bedford Vehicles firm and have now become the most prevalent low loader Luton Van for sale across the globe.

They are standard in many industries today due to their enormous dimensions and superior loading. Excellent for carrying small, heavy things.

What Makes Luton Vans a Desirable Choice?

The following are just a few advantages to consider:

  • More than enough room – Van dimensions are crucial since you need enough space to do your duties properly. There’s no need to stress about packing everything in the back because Luton Vans are big enough to transport bulky objects with ease.
  • Convenient tail lift – Sometimes, lifting heavy objects like furniture requires additional assistance, even with enough workers on deck. To safely load the platform and transfer everything to the back, the tail lift can descend well enough to aid the loading process.
  • Extra cabin storage – Luton Vans not only have a large rear area, but their enclosed box area, which spans the cabin, lets you keep items separate from every other van.

Why Are Vans with Low Loaders a Good Choice for Individuals and Businesses?

Low loader van offers several benefits, including:

  • Simple to load – Low-loader vans can be identified by their reduced loading height. Moving things from point A to point B is now easier than ever, so you won’t have to exhaust yourself excessively or operate dangerously.
  • No tail lift is necessary – Low loader vans are made to make loading simple, therefore, a tail lift will not be necessary. Low-loading vans are equally as useful as Luton vans, but they also require less maintenance.

Sizes And Dimensions

Sizes And Dimensions

The exact model you select will determine the Luton van size. Luton vans typically have a flat loading floor with an internal length of 6 meters. Typically, the load height is between 2,200 and 4,000 mm in length and 2,000 mm in breadth. Regarding size, there are two alternatives available: L3 and L4. Which Luton van best suits your needs will be determined by those needs alone. Be aware that selecting a Luton van having a tail lift will result in a payload reduction of about 250 kg.

Loading And Unloading

Luton vans are equipped to handle every work that comes with loading and unloading. A ramp can be used to slide larger goods in or out, but with your low-loader van, you can step right up into the loading space to retrieve your cargo. Many brand-new Luton vans come equipped with a tail lift as standard equipment, making it simple to raise and lower the lift to load or unload bulkier, more delicate products.

By keeping you from having to heave heavy objects in and out of your back, which could injure you, this helps protect your back. When it comes to transporting your items to their destination, new Luton vans can carry a lot of merchandise due to their spacious interior. The larger 7.5-ton variants can accommodate an eating area set, a few sofas, beds, and 40–50 boxes. You won’t have to make several excursions because you can transport all you desire in one go.

Our Selection of The Best Low Loader Luton Van for Sale at Bobs Luton Vans

Our selection of Luton Vans at Bobs Luton Vans includes the greatest removal vans and low-loader vans. If you want to expand your fleet, our knowledgeable staff would be pleased to locate you with a fantastic deal that includes quick delivery. Your business won’t have to wait as we can bring vans right to your door.

Below is our choice of the best Luton van for all business owners.

Citroen Low Loader Relay: The Best Choice for Business Leasing

Citroen Low Loader Relay The Best Choice for Business Leasing

The Citroen Relay Low Loader is the only high-spec van you need if you’re looking for outstanding versatility and ease of use. This amazing car, which was created with both individuals and businesses in mind, blends functionality and state-of-the-art features to satisfy all your transportation demands. The Citroen Relay Low Loader will surpass your expectations whether you need extra room to move furniture or equipment or need a dependable workhorse for delivering goods.

The Citroen Relay Low Loader is made with high-quality materials and provides outstanding practicality and durability. Its dropside modification option gives you the freedom to alter the vehicle to suit your requirements.

Key Features of the Citroen Relay Low Loader

  • Airbag for the driver
  • Complete steel bulkhead
  • 140 horsepower BlueHDi diesel engine
  • Low floor height
  • 180-degree opening rear doors
  • A USB port, steering-mounted controls, Bluetooth, and DAB digital radio
  • Side loading sliding door on the nearside
  • Rear doors without glazing that open 180 degrees
  • Windows with tints
  • A windshield laminated
  • Front wipers with two speeds and intermittent operation (non-automatic)
  • Electrically adjustable heated twin-lens door mirrors on the passenger side
  • Manually retracted mirrors
  • ESP, which incorporates ASR traction control
  • Single-leaf suspension in the back
  • Steering wheel with adjustable height

Pros and Cons of the Peugeot Relay Low Loader

As much as it comes with various advantages, there are some downsides as well.

Let’s look at the ups and downs.


  • Greater load ability – The Citroen Relay Low Loader has an amazing amount of cargo space that makes it possible to move heavier loads easily.
  • Easy loading and unloading – This van’s rear barn doors make it simple to enter the cargo space, which facilitates loading and unloading goods.
  • Increased fuel efficiency – The Citroen Relay Low Loader’s 140 horsepower BlueHDi diesel engine, which complies with Euro 6 regulations, guarantees maximum fuel economy without sacrificing performance.



  • Strange noises coming from the suspension setup – This is frequently the result of elements like struts and shock absorbers wearing out. There are distinct types of noise, such as clicks, clunks, and squeaks.
  • Unsettling experience – An ancient Citroen Relay’s suspension system may have worn-out parts that cause a harsh ride. Alignment issues and a decline in handling performance could result from this.
  • The steering wheel seems stiff – Some customers have complained that their cars’ steering is stiff, making it difficult for them to turn.
  • Rapid oscillations in vibration – These vibrations are typically a sign of power steering issues, which can be brought on by a straightforward leak or more complicated problems like a malfunctioning pump.

Key Features of Ford Transit Luton Low Loader

  • Low Loader with 70 Plate Transit
  • Just 18,000 Miles
  • Just One Prior Owner
  • 0 Euro 6 Engine with 130 horsepower
  • Six-speed manual
  • Radio DAB
  • USB Port
  • Two Chairs
  • Extremely Light & Simple to Handle
  • Back Step
  • Ford SYNC featuring a 4.2-inch TFT screen
  • Travel Computer
  • Bumper and 16-inch steel wheels
  • Windows with electricity
  • Running lamps for the day

Things To Consider Before Buying a Commercial Low Loader

Because they can accommodate lofty loads that other trailer types cannot handle, our selection of low loader Luton Van for sale is made to do just that. An incredibly low trailer bed is made possible by the unique configuration of these low-riding trailers. Vans with low loaders are also excellent for moving cargo. Bobs Luton Vans offers both varieties of inexpensive used low-loader vans and trailers for sale.

What Kind of Cargo Can a Trailer or Van with A Low Loader Carry?

In general, low-loader vans at reasonable prices are utilized for business purposes to move people and goods throughout the city. The van’s low floor makes loading and unloading simpler and increases everyone’s safety. The lower level of the van is closer to the ground, making it easy to enter. A used low loader, also known as a lowboy trailer, is a semi-trailer with two deck-level drops: one just in front of the wheels, and another behind the gooseneck. Because of its lower deck than other trailer designs, this kind of trailer is good for transporting objects that are excessively high for a standard personal truck. Large vehicles like tractors, backhoe loaders, bulldozers, and excavators are transported with low-loader trailers.

Transporting Capabilities

Transporting Capabilities

A low loader’s ability to carry loads is what makes them unique. An inexpensive low-loader trailer with two axles can support 18,000 kg of additional weight, and based on the total number of axles, up to 3,600 kg of additional weight can be loaded.

In summary

The best cargo vehicles for both personal and business use are Luton vans. Thus, Bobs Luton Vans is the only place to go if you’re seeking a low loader Luton Van for sale that meets your expectations. We frequently have vans for sale or hire that are barely roadworthy available to our clients. We take great satisfaction in offering our customers the best vans and car choices. To receive all the assistance you require, simply get in touch with one of our teammates or schedule a complimentary conversation with them, and you are good to go.

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